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Operations Management

Introduces areas such as product and process development, capacity planning, inventory control, production scheduling and material requirement planning. Emphasizes the integration of strategic long-term and analytical short-term decisions, and the integration of the operations functions within the firm. Uses quantitative models, spreadsheet models and computer applications to provide a framework and support for the development of management decisions. Students complete case analyses and larger projects both in groups and as individuals. Four Semester Hours. 

Seminar in European Operations

A study of business practices and operations in the UK and Continental Europe. Pragmatic and applications-oriented, the course features field trips to manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and financial institutions in the UK and on the Continent. Class meetings often feature guest lecturers knowledgeable in specific fields of international business. Previous tours outside of London have included IlServe, Ruckl Crystal and Ryor Cosmetics. Tours within London have included Lloyd's of London, The BBC, Farley's for Hire and Fuller's Griffin Brewery. Four Semester Hours.

British Theater

Students attend eight to ten plays of considerable variety, workshops and guest appearances by actors or actresses. Normally, there is at least one Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre in London. There may also be a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the Shakespeare Properties and a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The plays are subjects of class discussions and critical written reviews. Each semester's play list is announced as it becomes available. Four Semester Hours.

Management and Organizational Behavior

Study of behavior theory in management and organizations. Emphasizes applications of theory to case studies and learning from experiential activity. Concepts include motivation, decision-making, leadership, group processes and interpersonal communications. The case studies, projects and role-playing are used to integrate theory with practice. Four Semester Hours.

British History and Culture

Combines readings, discussions and field visits to museums and historical sites in London. The purpose of the course is to build basic knowledge. In addition, outcomes should include improved cross-cultural skills and attitudes. Two Semester Hours.

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