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What students are saying:

"Deciding to study abroad was a huge step as it was so far out of my comfort zone, but it was also the best experience of my life. I learned so much about the world and different cultures, as well as about myself."
Melissa Wills '08
"Riding the tube was an experience. We commuted nearly 45 minutes to classes every day. It was a place where we developed many memories and also encountered some interesting characters."
Joseph Shannon '08
"There is no better way to experience another way of life than to live it for one semester."
Jeff Hauser '08
"The business program is devised so that the business trips you participate in enable a better understanding and appreciation for diverse economies and business practices both at home and abroad."
Tiffany Troiano '08

What others are saying:
"I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself."
James Baldwin

"Participating in the SU London Program is an opportunity of a lifetime! The opportunity to study in London was one of the driving factors in Brian's decision to go to SU. The students learn about International Business, different cultures and diversity. Brian returned from his semester abroad more confident and well traveled! Can you imagine going to a different country almost every weekend? We would highly recommend the London Program to anyone!"
Laurie and Robert Pietroski, Parents of Brian '05

"Our son had a wonderful time during his semester in London. In addition to the formal education he received from the excellent professors, the cultural experiences were phenomenal. Dr. Bussard and his lovely wife served as superior role models, leaders, friends and surrogate parents. The London trip is something the students will remember forever."
Deke and Cathy Gilbert, Parents of Andrew ‘06

"The London Program was a tremendous opportunity for my son. He returned with a mature view of the world and great life experiences."
Charles D. "Rusty" Flack '76, Parent of Charles ‘05 and Alex ’09

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