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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students live?
The Program leases four flats (apartments), each housing up to seven students, in Central London (Zone 2) near the Marble Arch. The area is well served with public transportation, stores and restaurants. These flats are leased from Anglo American Educational Services, one of London's most established service providers to American universities.

What is provided?
Anglo American provides clean sheets and towels weekly. The fully equipped kitchens include pots and pans, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, microwave, stove, fridge, freezer and clothes washer/dryer. There is a television and telephone in each flat.

What about supervision and coordination?
During the semester prior to the actual London experience, the faculty member of the Sigmund Weis School who serves as program director works with and gets to know the students in a preparatory course. There is a student resident assistant in each flat. As in Selinsgrove, the university does not act in loco parentis, and students are largely responsible for their own safety and well being. However, any student who will be spending a night away from the flats must complete a travel form and file it with the program director in advance. The form includes flight or train information, destination phone numbers and evidence that the student has read the U.S. State Department travel information for any country or region where he or she will be traveling.

What about security?
London is a cosmopolitan city of eight million people. In spite of its relatively robust economy and a very low rate of unemployment, thieves and pickpockets are common, especially in crowds and at tourist attractions. However, physical assaults and armed robbery are much less frequent than in large U.S. cities.

Students quickly adjust to city life by traveling in groups, carrying little cash, locking doors and keeping valuables, including passport and credit cards, in safe places. The staff of Anglo American visits the student residences frequently. In addition, the London Program has enjoyed excellent relations with the local police.

What about health, medical issues and hospitals?
Anglo American assists with referrals to local physicians. Emergencies are accommodated at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington and at University College Hospital in Islington, both about five minutes by car from the residences.

All Susquehanna students are served while outside of the United States by AIG ASSIST, a health and emergency referral organization. All students in the London Program have specific health and emergency insurance coverage with HTH.

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