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SU in China: Macau

Susquehanna University maintains an exchange agreement with the University of Macau, located 37 miles from Hong Kong on the Chinese peninsula from which it derives its name. Each year up to 10 Susquehanna students can spend the spring semester studying at this English-speaking university. Take a look at a Susquehanna student blog about Macau, browse the SU Macau photo gallery and visit the GO Program Pinterest (Region 1 board) to get a better sense of the city of Macau. 


With 44 exchange agreements in place with universities from around the world, the University of Macau offers students a truly international experience while still providing instruction in English. Students studying at the University of Macau can examine the vital Asian market through the eyes of classmates from mainland China, who make up 20 percent of the student body. Or they can learn to speak Cantonese and explore Chinese history and culture amid the backdrop of Portuguese architecture and influence dating back nearly 300 years. 


Students are able to take classes, taught in English, in various departments to keep up with Susquehanna major requirements. They also have opportunities to work with students from around the globe on various team projects routinely assigned in classes. 


Living in Macau gives students ample opportunity to travel the surrounding area independently. The cheap public transportation allows students to experience the blend of Southern Chinese and Colonial Portuguese cultures as they explore this friendly city or stroll through the “Historic Centre of Macao,” a World Heritage site. They can spend weekends relaxing on the beaches of the South China Sea or exploring the streets of Hong Kong, only a one-hour ferry ride from the university. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive to fly to other Asian destinations such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, making independent weekend travel easy. 


Students will continue to pay normal tuition with all loans or scholarships included in financial aid packages applicable for the semester. Airfare for this program is included in the program cost. Contact the OCCP at crossculturalprogram@susqu.edu with specific questions.

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