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Warning Signs That Intervention May Be Necessary

Depression, excessive sleeping, significant weight changes – Adjusting to college is a major life change which may cause large amounts of stress caused by homesickness, work load, lack of time management skills and a change in academic expectations. It is common for students to struggle with maintaining a balance. However, if students find themselves sleeping excessively, drinking heavily, and gaining weight or losing weight at a fast pace, it is important to contact the Health Center and/or Counseling Center.

Daily calls/e-mails or frequent home visits – All students experience some degree of homesickness and adjustment issues to life away from home. If a student is contacting home excessively, it may be sign of some more serious adjustment issues. Encourage the student to make new friends, join clubs, or talk with someone in the Counseling Center.

Failing mid-term grades – Although mid-term grades are the first tangible sign that a student is failing, there are many signs that will predict poor progress long before mid-term grades are published. Poor time management skills, irregular class attendance, excessive social activities and risk-taking behaviors are all indicators that a student will struggle in school. Students should be encouraged to use the campus resources available to them, such as visiting the Center for Academic Achievement and taking advantage of tutoring that is available in many departments. Students should develop a weekly and semester schedule and speak to their professors at the first sign of trouble.

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