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Additional Services

Susquehanna University provides a wide variety of services available to any student. Some of these services are as follows:

The Center for Academic Achievement offers individualized and group assistance regarding time management, study skills and writing skills, as well as coordinating tutoring services. The Academic Advancement Program provides support for students in a regular and structured manner. Contact:  James Black, Director.  Email: black@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4184.

The Writing Center offers assistance with any type of writing assignment. A student can bring in a paper at any stage of the writing process and meet with a tutor for a private session. The tutor will help the student to focus ideas, revise a rough draft, or polish a more finished draft. It's best to schedule an appointment a few days before the paper is due, to allow time for revision. Contact:  Melanie Rohrbach, Administrative Assistant. Email: rohrbach@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4412.

The Math Center provides tutorial help for all students enrolled in the introductory math courses, including Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics. Students are assisted by either a professional staff member or a trained student tutor, usually a math major. Contact:  Kathy Temple, Math Coordinator/Study Skills Coordinator. Email: temple@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4341.

Study Skills is available to all students to enhance academic performance. Areas of help include textbook reading skills, organizing and managing time, preparing for and taking tests, and recording and using lecture notes. Contact: Luke Wesneski, Academic Specialist. Email: wesneski@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4488.

The faculty at Susquehanna pride themselves on being accessible and supportive to students. Students should make a point of talking to their professors, asking questions after class, going to office hours, and learning to be a self-advocate for their needs with faculty.

The Counseling Center provides counseling and emergency services to students who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, and relationship difficulties. The transition to college can be difficult for any student, and may be particularly complex for a student with a disability. Contact: Cynthia Moyer. Email: moyerc@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4751.

In addition, psychiatric services are available through the Counseling Center. However, the Counseling Center is not able to provide assessment for attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) or learning disabilities, nor provide medication for ADD/ADHD.

The Health Center assists students in addressing acute illnesses, preventative care and promotion of health and wellness, for example, gynecological exams, student drivers for off-campus appointments, smoking cessation classes. The Health Center also stocks some common pre-packaged medications which are usually less expensive than those at local pharmacies. All services are confidential. Contact: Cindy Frymoyer. Email: moyercl@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4735.

The Office of First-Year Programs offers a variety of resources for parents and students to help the adjustment to Susquehanna easier for incoming students. These resources include tips for parents and students, summer preview days, housing resources and information for many clubs and activities offered at Susquehanna. Contact: James Black, associate dean for student engagement and success and director of the Center for Academic Achievement | Email: black@susqu.edu | Phone: 570-372-4184.

Public Safety and the Facilities Office will work together to assist a mobility-impaired student with snow removal. Contact: Thomas Rambo, Dir of Public Safety. E-mail: rambo@susqu.edu |  Phone: 570-372-4136. Christopher Bailey, Director of Facilities. E-mail: baileycj@susqu.edu  |  Phone: 570-372-4149.

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