Prehealth Professions

Dedicated Advising

Advising Here Means Mentoring for Life

Unlike many larger institutions, Susquehanna has no graduate students teaching classes, leading labs or grading papers. So you have the benefit of unfettered access to expert faculty members. Outside of the classroom, science faculty members devote time and energy to mentoring students, and helping them refine research techniques, prepare for tests and successfully apply to graduate school.

Advisers are well equipped to help students prepare for the next steps. Involvement in groups such as the Northeast Association of Advisors of Health Professions provides faculty with a clear view of upcoming changes in graduate school testing, admissions procedures and new requirements.

Susquehanna can then better predict the impact on graduate school admissions procedures and incorporate changes in our curriculum. Because the application process for each profession is different, Susquehanna stays up-to-date on all of the changes, so you are well prepared when you apply.

Tips and advice for Susquehanna students intending to pursue a health professions career:

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