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Summer Experience

The ideal time to participate in an internship is at the end of the sophomore year or during the junior year. Internships typically involve observing a professional in his or her daily practice.

You can participate in an internship for credit, which becomes part of your permanent transcript. Or, you can simply participate without formal credit. If you do an informal internship, you need to mention this experience as part of your application since it is not documented elsewhere.

Many students choose to arrange internship experiences during breaks and summer vacation. If you would like an internship during the academic year, there are many local professionals and hospitals interested in working with Susquehanna students.

Although internships are valuable for any professional school applicant, they are essential for students interested in veterinary medicine. If you are interested in vet school, you may wish to spend your summers working with a local vet or at a zoo, in addition to a semester internship.

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