Prehealth Professions

Junior Year

During the junior year, you need to get organized for the application process and admission exam, in addition to completing internships.

How to Prepare

  • Register online with all the schools to which you may want to apply and obtain application information.
  • Find out whether your chosen profession has its own centralized application service. Many do and often involve an electronic application. Find which application is necessary for your desired career and register through that website.
  • Determine what admission test is required and on what dates it is given. Medical schools, both allopathic and osteopathic, require the MCAT exam, and the appropriate time to take it is spring or early summer of your junior year. Dental schools require the DAT. Vet schools vary greatly in what they require, anything from the MCAT, to the VCAT, or the GREs.
  • Plan to take your exam in the spring of your junior year, allowing you time to repeat it later in the summer or early fall if you are not happy with your scores.

Increase Your Competitiveness

PREPARATION FOR ADMISSION EXAMS IS ESSENTIAL! They will play a major role in determining your competitiveness as an applicant. Even outstanding grades cannot make up for poor exam scores.

To help you prepare for the exam, consider taking a prep course—provided by such companies as Kaplan or Princeton Review.  Susquehanna has a program in place that underwrites a portion of a prep course. In any case, remember to schedule a course load that will allow you time to study and review for the exam.

The MCAT has sections on biology, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics, so you should have taken courses in these areas prior to taking the exam.

You must see the prehealth professions advisor in the spring semester to discuss testing dates, application deadlines, and the process for soliciting letters of reference from the faculty and staff.

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