Prehealth Professions

Application Process

Allopathic medical schools, osteopathic medical schools, dental schools, and some of the veterinary medical schools use electronic centralized application services. You fill out one application indicating the individual schools to which you would like to apply.

Applications must be done carefully without typographical errors or misinformation. Your application will also require an official transcript, which may take up to six weeks to be verified by the application service.

Your credentials are sent to the designated schools. If they are interested, they will send you a secondary application specific to their school.

Helpful Tips

Increase your chance of admission by applying early. Most schools utilize a rolling admissions policy. The sooner you complete and submit your application, the more seats will still be open in the class.

Work on your applications the summer after your junior year. You should spend a lot of time on them, following all directions explicitly. 

A personal essay will be required. You may have to write additional essays for some schools’ secondary applications as well.

How Schools Evaluate Applicants

Professional schools typically invite favorable applicants to interview and visit their campus before making a decision on admission.

The three most important factors:

  • Grades (especially in science) 
  • Scores on the admission test
  • Letter of evaluation submitted by the Advising Committee

They are also interested in determining your potential commitment to a career in the health professions. Internships or other "reality testing" experiences are of value.

Professional schools also want to admit well-rounded people who have been involved in diverse aspects of campus life, such as athletics or clubs. However, getting poor grades because you are overly involved in extracurricular activities will not make you a successful applicant. 


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