Seminary Preparation

How will Susquehanna help me prepare for a church vocation?

Preparation for graduate theological study, ministry and church vocations includes:

As a church-related university noted for academic excellence and service-learning, Susquehanna is well positioned to prepare and equip students in all three areas.

Academic Preparation:

  • Abroad-based liberal arts education aims to expand your mind, enlarge your horizons and help you develop critical thinking skills.
  • The Central Curriculum encourages you to cross boundaries between disciplines and integrate the various fields of learning.
  • Majors and minors in religion, philosophy and other disciplines are especially appropriate for those preparing for lay or ordained ministry.
  • Susquehanna’s ethos that encourages intellectual growth, promotes personal development, and values creativity and imagination.
  • A highly qualified, committed and caring faculty provides strong advising and individual mentoring.

Spiritual Formation:

  • An extensive and energetic religious life program
  • Multiple worship opportunities on campus, and in numerous congregations in the community
  • Organized and informal opportunities to cultivate a life of faithful prayer, reflection, service and action
  • Vocational counseling and mentoring with the chaplain
  • Life in close community with others—some holding beliefs and values consistent with your own, others subscribing to divergent beliefs and values.

Experiential Learning:

  • Abundant leadership opportunities in a variety of religious life organizations, programs and events,
  • Internships, externships and practica through the Department of Religion and Philosophy,
  • The Student Deacon Program in the Chaplain’s Office,
  • Winter, spring and summer break service learning trips, and
  • Outreach ministries.

Pre-Seminary Group:

An active pre-seminary group meets every other week during the academic year. After enjoying dinner together, the students and an invited guest (a faculty member, local pastor or seminarian) explore a topic related to candidacy and preparation for seminary and/or ministry.

What other preparation is advised for seminary?

  • Participating in service-learning opportunities
  • Sharing in the leadership of student organizations and events
  • Taking advantage of opportunities that foster spiritual maturation and personal growth
  • Membership and active participation in a congregation, at home and/or at SU
  • Regular contact with your denomination’s candidacy committee

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