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Travel Writing in South Africa

Satisfy the GO requirement by spending two and a half weeks exploring South Africa, either in January or May, followed by taking a two-credit travel writing workshop the following semester. Share Glen Retief's memories of growing up in South Africa while experiencing a rich blend of cultures, a uniquely compelling history, and a collection of wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. Time will be set aside each day for journaling to capture your experiences in a travel essay during the spring semester after you return to SU. Image from a Study Away trip

Cultural Immersion

  • Spend 10 days in the traditional Xhosa village at Mdumbi in the green Transkei hills 100 yards from the Indian Ocean
  • Meet with traditional diviners and chiefs
  • Enjoy foods such as lamb and tomato curries, beef, raisin and egg stews, and pancakes stuffed with fresh mangoes
  • Tour a black South African township in Cape Town
  • Bargain for wooden masks and hand-woven clothes at the biggest handicrafts market in Africa
  • Visit a mosque in Cape Town

Exploring History

  • Visit museums in Cape Town to take in 350 years of history
  • Tour the castle where Dutch colonists first settled in South Africa
  • Learn about the struggle for racial equality, from slavery to colonial conquest to apartheid to present-day inequalities

Natural Splendor

  • Visit Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve to see elephants, nyala, lions, giraffes and more
  • See breath-taking rainforests, mountains and oceanside cliffs
  • Go to the beach in May or December

Location: South Africa

Dates: Summer 2016

Prerequisite: Preparatory course readings and meetings spring 2014 before travel.

Academic credit: Two semester hours; this program and accompanying course satisfies the GO requirement.

Majors of interest: Students majoring in any of the humanities are welcome and will be provided with step-by-step guidance throughout the writing process.

Application: Online application available on mySU.

Financial aid: Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement.

Program Directors: Glen Retief, Ph. D., assistant professor of English and creative writing; Peterson Toscano. 

Further Information:
Join the Facebook group for the program.
Watch a video about the course and how it inspires Glen Retief as a faculty member.

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