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Photo of Phillip C. Gehman

Phillip C. Gehman
Coordinator Disability Services Academic Achievement
Adjunct Faculty Education

Phone: 570-372-4340
Email: gehman@susqu.edu

Academic Credentials:
BS, Univ of Louisville
MS, Univ of Louisville

Gehman is the point person for students with disabilities, or documented health issues, as he assesses psychoeducational testing and diagnostic disability documentation. He also arranges accommodations in the classroom and throughout campus, assuring ADA compliance.

With an established background in disability services, Gehman has worked with individuals with a variety of specific disabilities and learning differences such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, ADHD, and he is fluent in American Sign Language. Gehman’s goal is to ensure that students registered in his office have equal access to the various aspects of university life, and to empower students by promoting self-advocacy.

Gehman is a member of the Student Engagement and Retention Committee, and he currently serves on the advisory board of Workabilities Clubhouse, a community organization devoted to the recovery of individuals with mental illness by providing opportunities for members to live, work, and learn.


  • EDUC-370 Theory & Practice of Peer Ed
  • OFFP-NAVAJO Exploration/Understanding Navajo Nation
  • OFFS-NAVAJO Exploration/Understanding Navajo Nation

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