Samples from A Celebration of Singing at Susquehanna (10/3/08)

Concert Program

I Am Not  Yours, Z. Randall Stroope (The Susquehanna University Choir)
A Red, Red, Rose, James Mulholland (University Chamber Singers)

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Volume XIX, Everlasting Light






  1. Light Everlasting, O.C. Christiansen
  2. Agnus Dei, Javier Busto
  3. I Am Not Yours, Z. Randall Stroope
  4. The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, Jean Berger
  5. Awake, O North Wind, from Wedding Cantata, Daniel Pinkham
  6. Pregúntale, A Ese Mar, Innocente Carreño
  7. Trĕs Cantos Nativos Dos Indios Kraó, arr. Marcos Leite; Zachary Kuhn, percussion
  8. A Red, Red Rose, James Mulholland; Blake Mosser, piano
  9. You Are The New Day, arr. Peter Knight
  10. Wondrous Love, arr. Paul J. Christiansen; Alicia Wyler, soprano
  11. John the Revelator, arr. Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory; Lee Steiner, piano



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Rise Heart CD Cover

Volume XVIII, Rise Heart

  1. Praise to the Lord, German Chorale arr. F. Melius Christiansen
  2. Caritas Et Amor, Z. Randall Stroope
  3. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Imant Raminsh
  4. *Five Hebrew Love Songs, Eric Whitacre
  5. Easter from Mystical Songs, R. Vaughan Williams
  6. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Eric Whitacre
  7. Deep River, Spiritual arr. N. Luboff
  8. Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child, Spiritual arr. Shaw-Parker
  9. Many and Great, O God, Are Your Works, Dakota Tune
  10. Over the Sea to Skye, arr. D. Hall
  11. The Bens of Jura, arr. C. Kingsbury
  12. Land of Heart's Desire, arr. C. Kingsbury
  13. Ne Sedi Djemo, Bosnian Folk Song arr. S. Sametz
  14. Va, Pensiero from Nabucco, Giuseppi Verdi
  15. Brindisi from La Traviata, Giuseppi Verdi

*Susquehanna University Chamber Singers



Musica animam CD cover

Volume XVII, Musica animam The University Choir

  1. In The Night We Shall Go In, Imant Raminsh
  2. Agnus Dei, Edward Elgar; arr. David Diardiniere
  3. A Song to Sing, John Mochnick
  4. A Spotless Rose, Herbert Howells
  5. Sleep, Eric Whitacre
  6. Ubi Caritas, Connie Dover
  7. Heaven In a Wildflower, Bill Douglas
  8. By Yon Bonnie Banks, Traditional Scottish; arr. Jon Washburn
  9. An der schonen blauen Donau, Johann Strauss
  10. Musica animam tangens, Joshua Shank
  11. The Divine Image, Joshua Shank
  12. The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet to Fly, Joshua Shank
  13. Sing Me to Heaven, Daniel Gawthrop
  14. Dorma adore, Traditional Portuguese Lullaby; arr. Aaron Jay Kerris
  15. Wade in de Water,Traditional Spiritual; arr. Allen Koepke
  16. Dobru Noc, Dusan Bill

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