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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of help is available at the Math Center?

Tutoring help is available in Pre-calculus, Statistics, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. Certain peer tutors are also qualified to tutor other subjects such as advanced math courses, accounting, computer courses, and physics—but please call first (x4341 or x4412). Business Statistics tutoring is offered in 206 Apfelbaum Hall on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. Most tutors at the Math Center should also be able to help with Business Statistics.

Tutors will help you with your homework, but they will not do it for you. Their goal is to enable you to work independently. Tutors can also help you prepare for a test but please don't wait until the last minute.

Are appointments necessary?

Tutoring in math is done on a drop-in basis. If you are looking for one-on-one tutoring, it is better to come during the daytime hours, as evenings are more heavily utilized.

How much does it cost?

Tutoring at the Math Center is free for all Susquehanna University students.

How often should I attend tutoring sessions?

The frequency of tutoring sessions varies for each student, depending on the level of difficulty per class or assignment.  Some students come to the Math Center on a regular basis. They do their homework on their own, but there is help available if they have a question. Others come when they have a particularly difficult problem or assignment. Some students visit only before a test for a quick review.

Will my instructor know I came for help?

Depending on the situation, if faculty or staff members come to us with legitimate concerns about a particular student, we may talk with them. Records of sessions are kept, but we will only forward basic information about student visits (e.g., name, date and time) to professors who request it. Instructors are usually supportive of students who seek assistance outside of class, but if you would prefer that we not reveal that you've sought our help with academic skills, please tell us and we will respect your wishes.

Is private tutoring available?

Tutoring in the Math Center is free to all students currently enrolled at Susquehanna. On rare occasions, private tutoring can be arranged through your instructor or the math coordinator, generally for a fee.  In addition, the administrative assistant for the math department maintains a list of math majors/minors who are available to tutor middle school or high school students privately for a fee. Contact Sara Wenrich for further information. 

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