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GPA Calculation

Each letter grade from A to F carries a designated number of quality points per semester hour. These points are used to calculate the grade point average (GPA). To determine the GPA for each semester, the total number of quality points earned is divided by the number of academic semester hours attempted that semester. (Couses with a grade of S are not considered academic credit.) The cumulative GPA is calculated by dividing all quality points earned by all academic credit attempted.

MySU has a feature to enable you to calculate your GPA online, by selecting specific courses, and also by entering proposed grades for registered or proposed courses. To use this calculator, login to mySU (mysu.susqu.edu) and select 'Transcript and GPA Calculator' in the Self-Service Menu.

To calculate major GPA:

  1. Identify all major courses.
  2. Add the credits attempted and quality points earned for the major courses.
  3. Divide the total quality points by the total credit attempted.
  4. The result is the major GPA.

The following values are used in the computation of quality points (multiply the quality points by the semester hour value of the course - e.g. a B in a 4-semester hour course gives 12 quality points, a B in a 2-semester hour course gives 6 quality points):

Letter Grade Quality Points
 A   4.00 quality points
 A-  3.67 quality points
 B+  3.33 quality points
 B  3.00 quality points
 B-  2.67 quality points
 C+  2.33 quality points
 C  2.00 quality points
 C-  1.67 quality points
 D+  1.33 quality points 
 D  1.00 quality points
 D-  0.67 quality points
 F  0.00 quality points

The following grades carry no quality points and do not affect the GPA, so do not include them in your calculations:

Letter Grade Description
 W  Withdraw
 S  Satisfactory (C- or higher)
 U  Unsatisfactory (D+ or lower)
 CR  Credit (credit by exam or transfer credit from another institution)
 T  Transfer Credit
 AU  Audit
 EC  Extended Credit
 I  Incomplete
 N  Not reported (final grade delayed for administrative reasons)


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