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General Information

All academic credit programs at Susquehanna University are approved for VA education benefits.

Changes in address, phone number and credits carried should be reported to the Office of the Registrar. The VA will pay for those courses that apply toward your curriculum. 

The VA requires that benefits received for courses in which W grades were received must be returned to the VA. Courses in which a veteran earns grades of A, B or C will be paid one time by the VA. A course in which a D grade is received can be repeated only if a C grade or better is required by the college. 

The VA will pay one time to repeat a course in which an F grade is received.

Payment of Veterans Affairs Benefits

Except for Advance Checks, the VA pays on a post payment system. Initial claims are normally paid within 10 weeks of submission. Subsequent claims are paid on a monthly basis consistent with enrollment.

Tutorial Assistance

Veterans under Chapter 30, 31, 32, 35 and 1606 in need of academic assistance to successfully complete a course may apply for VA tutorial assistance. The VA will pay up to $100 per month (up to a maximum of $1,200) for tutorial assistance. To be eligible, your instructor must provide a note stating that tutorial assistance would be beneficial in helping you pass the course satisfactorily. All monies used for tutorial assistance are subtracted from your basic VA benefit. All Susquehanna University students may use the free tutoring services.

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