Film Studies


FILM-150 Introduction to Film

An interdisciplinary study of film as an art and cultural phenomenon. Stresses the history, aesthetics and social implications of film rather than movie-making techniques. Studies commercial cinema in connection with traditional humanistic disciplines such as literature, history, philosophy, etc.

FILM-180 Film and Human Values

Focuses on religious, ethical, aesthetic and epistemological values as exemplified in selected films. Examines such issues as peace and war, personal ethics, civil disobedience, deception, truth, beauty, and the sordid. Emphasizes the nature of the ethical choices and value systems, and the extent to which these are adequately represented or oversimplified and distorted by films.

FILM-210 Film and Literature

A study of films based upon literary works and their cinematic adaptations. Stresses an understanding of the relative criteria of artistic form for film and literature and problems of translating the written word into visual images, techniques of narration, and questions of verisimilitude.

FILM-220 International Film

An interdisciplinary study of outstanding foreign films as works of art and cultural artifacts. Stresses film theories and criticism, as well as the appreciation of foreign films as creative exemplifications of national mores and culture. Includes particular attention to the work of distinguished directors, such as Eisenstein, Lang, Renoir, Bunuel, Fellini, Kurosawa and Bergman.

FILM-230 American Film and Culture

An interdisciplinary study of American film as an art, industry and cultural phenomenon. Stresses the history and aesthetics of American cinema, as well as the interaction between the American film industry and major events in U.S. history from 1895 to present.

FILM-240 Female Action Heroines in Film

This course examines the emergence and development of the female action heroine in film over the course of the last fifty years within the popular "action film" genre. This course critically evaluates visual and thematic markers of femininity, masculinity, sexuality, race, and class with respect to representations of female action heroines in a variety of films. Same as WMST-240.

FILM-300 Film Seminar

Intensive study of advanced or specialized areas in film and its relation to the humanities and fine arts. Subjects vary and may include Imagination and the Artist, Film Theory and Criticism, studies in national cinema, individual artists, and film-based study of historical phenomenon. May be repeated with permission of the Film Institute coordinator.

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