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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available?

The Center for Academic Achievement offers help in a variety of areas, especially in support of your coursework related to the central curriculum:  math, writing, languages, and study skills.

If you need help with a course not mentioned here, ask your instructor how you can get additional support.  Additionally, check the STEM Tutoring page for information on review sessions in biology, chemistry and physics courses, as well as the Other Academic Services page for tutoring services in various departments across campus.

Who is eligible to receive academic support services?

Our services are available to all students enrolled at Susquehanna University.

Is there a fee for services?

No, there is no cost to students enrolled at Susquehanna.

Who are the tutors?

Tutoring is offered by professional staff and also students who are qualified to provide assistance in a particular subject area.

Do you have services for students with disabilities?

Yes. The Center for Academic Achievement provides academic assistance to students with disabilities and works closely with the Office of Disabilities Services.

If you are seeking an accommodation for a disability, please contact Phillip Gehman, the coordinator of disability services at 570-372-4340 or gehman@susqu.edu.

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