Mathematical Sciences Department Offices

Department offices are located on the third floor of Fisher Hall, which was  thoroughly remodeled in 2011. .

Fisher Hall 305

Also known as the "Bob Lab," this classroom has 11 computers around the walls, and eight tables in the middle.  It is used for a lot of our upper-level courses, and for lower level courses that fit.

Fisher Hall 337, 338

Two regular smart classrooms we use a lot.

Fisher Hall 339

This is a computer lab with space for 30 students.  Used for computer science classes, and math classes that want computers available.

Fisher Hall 340

This is our Advanced Computing Lab.  It houses a personal supercomputer, which has 12 CPU cores, 144 GB of ram, a Tesla supercomputer card, and a high-end graphics card.  The room also has a Mac and a 3D printer.

Fisher Hall 332

This is a large student study room, with blackboards and whiteboards.

Fisher Hall 302,303,304

These are small student study rooms, with a table and four chairs each.



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