Internships, jobs, summer programs:

AMS national listing of REU's (Research Experience for Undergraduates).
AMS Internships page
AMS Undergraduate page
AMS Bachelor's degree careers page
MAA Math Classifieds - academic and non-academic employers seeking candidates with Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. degrees.
Summer Mathematics Program for Women at Carleton
D. W. Simpson & Co., actuarial recruiters.
PRYOR Executive Search actuarial positions.
The Mitchell Group, actuarial job search.
S.C. International, actuarial job recruiter.

Professional organizations:

Mathematical Association of America
American Mathematical Association
American Statistical Association
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Internet resources:

American Mathematical Society undergraduate web page
Mathematical Association of America Math Gateway
The Math Forum
The Geometry Junkyard
Geometry in Action
Recreational Mathematics
Penn State's Math Guide
World of Mathematics

Mathematical software:

Netlib collection of math software
GAMS Guide to Available Math Software
Numerical Recipes on-line book

Free online math books:

George Cain, Online Mathematics Textbooks
Free Online Mathematics Books

Computer Science job market:

ACM CareerNews

Computer Science internships:

ACM Crossroads
Google Summer of Code

Professional organizations:

Association for Computing Machinery

Computer news:

The Register
The Inquirer

Good stuff:

Windows Sysinternals
World Wide Web Consortium


Crypto-Gram newsletter
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
SANS Institute
RSA Security
Microsoft Security


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