Mathematical Sciences Department Offices

Department offices are located on the third floor of Fisher Hall, which was thoroughly remodeled in 2011. Fisher Hall also houses the departments of physics, anthropology/sociology, psychology and English, plus the Career Development Center and the Center for Academic Achievement (which offers mathematics tutoring, among other things).  Besides the general classrooms on our floor (all of which have instructor's computers and projection systems), the notable rooms are:

Fisher Hall 305

This classroom is the site for many of our upper level classes. It has 11 computers around the sides, plus seating for 16 students in the middle.

Fisher Hall 332

This is a student study room and lounge. It has a networked printer, a computer, comfy chairs, tables, a bookcase, whiteboards, blackboards and a television.

Fisher Hall 339

This is our main computer classroom, with 19 computers and a video LAN that allows the instructor to monitor or share screens among all machines.

Fisher Hall 340

This is our advanced lab room. It houses the department's personal supercomputer, which has 144GB of RAM and 12 processor cores. It also has the department's Mac and a 3D printing machine.

Fisher Hall 302, 303, 304

These are small study rooms, each with a table and four chairs.


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