Mathematical Sciences Department Offices

Department offices are located in the lower level of Seibert Hall, which was originally built in 1903 and thoroughly remodeled in 1984. Seibert Hall also houses the Computer Center, the Registrar's Office, and the Education Department. The top two floors are a student dormitory, and many of our majors live there.

Seibert Hall, Room 17

Also known as the "Bob Lab," this classroom has 11 computers, each with 3 GHz CPUs and 1 GB RAM. The operating system in this and all campus labs is Microsoft Windows XP. There is also a ceiling-mounted projector, a laser printer, a scanner, and a color printer.

Seibert Hall, Room 18

This is classroom has 19 computers with 3 GHz dual CPUs and 2 GB RAM. It has a video LAN, which allows the instructor to monitor or share screens among all machines. It also has its own Ethernet switch so that it may be isolated from the rest of the campus network so the Data Networking class can experiment with network setups.

Steele Hall, Room 108

This is another computer classroom often used to teach department courses.

Steele Hall, Room 105

This is a regular classroom used for many department courses. It has a computer with a video projector mounted to the ceiling.

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