All the software described on this page runs on Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Office
General word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. Available in all computer labs.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio is Microsoft's software for writing and compiling programs. Available in all computer labs. Available for download and install to all students enrolled in a department course.

Windows Operating System
Download available to our students. This is part of the department's MSDNAA subscription, so only students enrolled in our classes have permission to access it. Students are free to install Windows on their own computers and keep it forever.

MSDNAA Subscription
The department has a subscription to Microsoft Developers' Network Academic Alliance that permits students in the department's courses to download much of Microsoft's main software products: operating systems, Visual Studio, Back Office servers, etc., etc., including beta versions of upcoming products.

Statistics program used in department statistics courses. Available in all computer labs.

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) 
Available in all computer labs.

SAS (Statistical Analysis Software)
Available in all computer labs.  

A comprehensive mathematics program emphasizing matrix operations. Available in all computer labs. Available to anyone on Susquehanna University’s network. 

A comprehensive symbolic mathematics program. It is installed on several professors' office machines, and could be installed for student use as needed.

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