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Global Business Perspectives

GBP – So much more than an intro course!

First-year students dive right in to the decision-making challenges that business managers face through our unique Global Business Perspectives (GBP) course.

There’s a reason this is a required course for all business majors. Like some survey courses, it enables students to understand the many disciplines – from accounting and finance to human resource management and marketing – that play a role in business. But that’s where the similarity ends. Through GBP, students get hands-on business experience. They develop teamwork and presentation skills while they tackle a real world case study.

How does the course work?

Students are divided into teams that collaborate to research and analyze a publicly traded company, and then develop recommendations to further its success. Upper class business students serve as team mentors and help students prepare for a multimedia presentation before a panel of visiting executives.

Graduates come back to tell us that their GBP experience was transformational in their understanding and appreciation of the competitive world of business.

More good news.

GBP also satisfies certain requirements in the University’s Central Curriculum. It may meet the Perspectives requirement since students learn time management and research skills in addition to discovering the resources available to all Susquehanna students.

It also meets the Intensives requirement because it covers Oral Intensive and Team Intensive coursework.

Your academic adviser will guide you in the best way to meet your Central Curriculum requirements.

Highlights of Global Business Perspectives

Professor of Accounting Rick Davis discusses some of the advantages of Susquehanna's innovative Global Business Perspectives class.

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