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ROTC-101 Introduction to ROTC

Acquaints students with the ROTC program. Increases self-confidence through team study. Learn fundamental concepts of professional leadership in both classroom and outdoor laboratory activities.

ROTC-102 Introduction to Leadership

Learn and apply principles of effective leading. Develop communication skills to improve individual performance and group interaction. Relate organization ethical values to the effectiveness of a leader.

ROTC-201 Self/Team Development

Learn and apply ethics-based leadership skills. Develop skills in oral presentation, concise writing, event planning, and coordinating group efforts.

ROTC-202 Individual/Team Military Tactics

Focuses on leading a small group of individuals. Examines the role of the leader, military leadership concept, personal character, decision making, implementing decisions, motivation, supervision, and training.

ROTC-301 Leading Small Organizations

Series of practical opportunities to lead groups, receive personal assessments and lead again in situations of increasing complexity. Plan and conduct training for younger students to teach and develop leadership skills.

ROTC-302 Leading Small Organizations II

Analyze tasks; prepare written or oral guidance for students to accomplish tasks. Delegate tasks and supervise. Plan for and adapt to the unexpected in organizations under stress.

ROTC-401 Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting

Plan, conduct and evaluate activities of the ROTC cadet organization. Articulate goals, put plans into action to attain them. Develop confidence in skills to lead people and manage resources.

ROTC-402 Transition to Lieutenant

Continues the methodology from ROTC-401. Identify and resolve ethical dilemmas. Refine counseling and motivating techniques. Prepare for a future as a successful army lieutenant.

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