Modern Language Studies

Modern Language Studies

MLS Book Cover PictureModern Language Studies (MLS) is the scholarly journal of the Northeast Modern Language Association, which is edited and produced in its entirety at Susquehanna University. MLS publishes articles in all areas of English, American, and comparative literature, and the literatures of the modern languages. It is the 2005 Council of Editors of Learned Journals’ Phoenix Award Runner-Up for Significant Editorial Achievement.

Student Opportunities

Each year students in the Department of English and Creative Writing have internship opportunities as editorial assistants for the journal. In these positions, students develop skills in editorial protocols, subscription management and journal promotion. Students contact authors, subscribers and advertisers; edit texts; and work with the publication’s designer. The MLS editorial assistants are required to attend tutorials every two to three weeks that explore various topics in publishing and editing. They also submit a final reflection on their internship at the end of the semester.

The managing editorial assistant, who supervises the assistants and works closely with the editor throughout the year, is an award position given by the editors to a rising intern in recognition of her or his outstanding editorial work and promising leadership ability.

Modern Language Studies Editorial Assistants, 2003–12

Nicole Acevedo
Emily Anderson – Managing Editorial Assistant
Jessica Boudakian
Steven Bucsok
Amanda Chase– Managing Editorial Assistant
Ashley Cooper
James Dunham
James Grzejka
Jennifer Hall
Laura Harshberger – Managing Editorial Assistant
Laurie Hartzell – Managing Editorial Assistant
Patrick Henry – Managing Editorial Assistant
Teresa Hernandez
Ryan Hoffman
William Hoffacker
Kailin Kehoe
Callie Klinger – Managing Editorial Assistant
Garren Levi
Richard Lipman
Kaitlin Palmer
William Paris
Casey Phillips
Elizabeth Shaffer – Managing Editorial Assistant
Geoffrey Stokes – Managing Editorial Assistant
Elisse Thompson
Emily Torricelli
Autumn Walck
Sarah Warner
Anne Wolfe
Cory Wyman



Modern Language Studies Staff

Laurence Roth, Ph.D., Editor
Mark Fertig, M.F.A., Creative Director
Amy Winans, Ph.D., Associate Editor: Profession and Pedagogy
Catherine Dent, Ph.D.,Associate Editor: Fiction and Poetry
Randy Robertson, Ph.D., Associate Editor: Reviews
Crystal VanHorn, Subscriptions Manager

Modern Language Studies appears twice a year, and is a publication of the Northeast Modern Language Association. For submission and subscription information please visit

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