Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Adam KrushinskieAdam Krushinskie '11

Shamokin, Pa. | Shamokin Area High School

Major: Political Science

Minor: History

Clubs/Activities: Blough-Weis Library Committee, Student Activities Committee, Student Government Association senator, SU Republicans

Post-graduation plans: Attending law school in Pennsylvania or New York.

Favorite class: World Affairs with Dr. Abboud. He didn't use conventional teaching methods, but gave us an assignment which grouped the class into separate countries. He challenged us as international actors to work out problems such as finding sufficient resources to keep our country's economy stable solving international conflicts.

Most exciting thing about studying prelaw at Susquehanna: The connections. You meet successful alumni who have graduated from a large variety of law schools across the U.S. They often provide internship opportunities. Dr. DeMary is also very helpful in preparing and applying for law school so that you can find your best fit.


Jim ValentineJim Valentine '11

Pittston, Pa. | Bishop Hoban High School

Major: Political Science

Clubs/Activities: Phi Mu Delta social fraternity, Pre-Law Society, Student Activities Committee, Student Government Association, SU Republicans

Post Graduate Plans: Attend law school
Favorite class: Soviet and Russian Politics. I find the history of Russia and the former Soviet states to be very interesting. I learned how much control and power the Russian government has over so many aspects of life there. It made me yearn to learn more about countries such as Poland.

Study abroad experience: I studied at the Warsaw School of Economics for a semester. I chose Poland because it is a unique and non-traditional country. Eastern Europe is an area of the world in which I have great interest. I really enjoyed being immersed in a different culture.


Ariana StoweAriana Stowe '13

Rockville, M.D. | Bethesda-Chevy-Chase High School
Major: English

Clubs/Activities: SU Women’s Basketball, University Chorale, Club Volleyball, Presidential Fellow

Post-Graduation Plans: Law School

The most exciting thing about studying prelaw at Susquehanna: The most exciting thing is the wide array of resources readily available. Our prelaw advisor, Professor Michele DeMary, is constantly sending emails with information and preparation opportunities for us. She is really great. Also, we have alumni studying and practicing law ready to give their insight to prelaw students. We also have a mock trial team, and the prelaw program will cover half the cost of LSAT prep courses. I feel that I will be very prepared for my LSAT and law school down the road.

Internship experience: This past summer I worked with the Department of Defense at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. It was beneficial to me because I got a very in-depth glimpse of the federal government and learned that I would like to work in the legal department with the government at some point. I also had the opportunity to live on my own in an apartment. It was really an eye-opening experience to see how challenging the real world can be. It was a great experience.


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