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SU Review Submission Guidelines


Reading Period: September 15 - March 15


The Susquehanna Review considers any unpublished, original work by undergraduate writers currently attending an accredited university in the United States. We believe that “unpublished” means that you have not posted it on any publicly accessible websites, and it has not previously appeared in any online or print magazines or journals. We’re interested in writing with fresh language, complexity, strong character development, emotional resonance, and momentum. We want to read something we haven’t read before. We want your language to linger in us long after we’ve finished the piece. See posted excerpts for examples of what we’re looking for. In your cover letter, please state the name of the university you attend. 


No minimum length requirement, but please keep it under 25 pages double-spaced. 

We are interested in literary, character-driven fiction. We are open to all forms of fiction as long as the stories explore, reveal, question, or illuminate.



No minimum length requirement, but please keep it under 25 pages double-spaced.

We’re interested in all kinds of creative nonfiction: memoir, personal essay, literary journalism, writing that not only tells a truth but recalls it from a particular vantage point that reflects as it retells.



3-5 poems
How do you tell someone what kind of poetry you’re looking for? We’re interested in poetry that is exploratory, that has a strong grip on language and leaves the reader soaking up some experience. Something that leaves us feeling spiked, something that invites us in and quickly closes the door. We do not discriminate according to form, only to approach and emotional resonance. 


How to Submit:

The Susquehanna Review is going green! We only accept electronic submissions, so please check out complete guidelines at http://susquehannareview.submishmash.com/Submit


Response Time:

Because our annual magazine is edited by undergraduate students, our response time is not particularly speedy. Expect to hear a response in May or June.


The Gary Fincke Creative Writing Prize:

The Susquehanna Review holds a yearly contest for the best piece of poetry ($100) and the best piece of prose ($100) in the issue. There is no entry fee. All submissions to Susquehanna Review will automatically be under consideration for the contest, with the exception of students of Susquehanna University. The contest will be judged by one of the Susquehanna University creative writing faculty.



E-mail us sureview@susqu.edu for more information.

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