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The 150-Hour Requirement

Students working in a computer labBoards of accountancy in most U.S. states and territories now require 150 hours of college credit to become a CPA.

At most schools, you need five years and a master’s degree to fulfill the 150-hour requirement. But Susquehanna's innovative program lets you save a year of tuition and start your career sooner. The curriculum features active learning methods, real-world internships and advising by professors with both academic and professional credentials.

Only 130 hours are needed to graduate, but nearly 70 percent of our accounting majors choose to complete this optional 150-hour program, qualifying to take the CPA exam in only four years. And they pass the exam at rates that meet or exceed national averages.

The secret is our four-semester-hour courses.

At most schools, you earn three credits per course. But at the Sigmund Weis School of Business, most courses earn four semester hours. As a result, you take fewer, more in-depth courses to reach your goal. With the extra time in each course, you apply the theoretical concepts using group projects and cases. By taking an average of 18 semester hours per semester and doing for-credit summer internships, you can earn 150 hours in four years.

You aren’t taking more courses. You’re taking better courses.

Some regulations vary by state. For more information on the rules, please visit the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy Web site.

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