Luxury Brand Marketing and Management

From sports cars that turn heads—to five-star resorts you dream about staying in—to fashion lines that grace the runways of Europe, marketing and managing these luxury brands takes specialized knowledge and training. Susquehanna University offers one of the only undergraduate programs in the country to prepare you to work in high-end industries.

Through our luxury brand marketing and management major, step inside the world of the rich and famous. Learn the unique marketing strategies that are sometimes counter-intuitive, but always integral, to the successful management and marketing of luxury brands.

  • Become acutely aware of consumer behavior and relationship management that is vital to keep these brands on top
  • Apply effective strategic marketing techniques to gain an edge in this fiercely competitive market
  • Understand economic and legal issues involved in the luxury sector

Apply your knowledge during exceptional study abroad and internship experiences and network with our strong alumni connections in the luxury sector. Working with athletic teams, the jewelry industry, and leading luxury retailers is well within your reach.

Course Catalog

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