Writers Institute

Bur Song

Shanna Powlus Wheeler ’04

sing the bur
like spur like starburst

sing oh
the bur’s hooks and prickles
dry-tangle glue

sing the fruit of ankle weeds
sly seed vessel

the burdock’s
grape-oval bur
with tapered spikes

the cocklebur’s
needle-stuck strawberry

and oh the many-speared
blueberries of bur grass
bur clover

sing oh the bother of burs

the bane of sheep shearers
woodland trekkers

sing the bur
stubborn traveler

subtle hitchhiker

brute spiny wonder

Originally published in North American Review.
Forthcoming in the chapbook Lo & Behold (Finishing Line Press, 2009, www.finishinglinepress.com)

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