Marketing can mean the success or failure of a business. At Susquehanna, you’ll get the necessary in-class skills and real-world practice to create marketing plans that get results.

Marketing is about more than just creating buzz. You need to understand and evaluate competitors, make decisions on product development and determine distribution strategies. Most of all, you need to research your customers’ needs and wants and deliver a product or service that meets their desires and the goals of your organization. At Susquehanna, you’ll

  • Take classes on market research and consumer behavior
  • Dive into the details of retailing
  • Learn about the essentials of ecommerce
  • Keep track of current topics in marketing
  • Find internships with companies over the summer

Today’s organizations are in need of professionals with original, dynamic ideas and the knowledge and skills to excel in the competitive field of marketing. At Susquehanna, you’ll get the experience to join them and make an impact!

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