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Study Away Planning Timeline

First things first: Freshman year

  1. Attend an information session hosted by peer advisers from the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs.
  2. Research programs in which you are interested.
  3. Set up a meeting with the study away advisor or peer advisers in the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs.
  4. Discuss your academic and study away plans with your faculty adviser to determine when is the best time for you to study away.
  5. If you decide to study away your sophomore year, submit the "Request for Approval to Study Away" application to the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs by Nov. 15.  Keep in mind that not all programs will admit sophomores.

One year before study away

Submit the "Request for Approval to Study Away" application to the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs by Nov. 15 of the academic year before you plan to study away.  For those studying away junior year, this will be Nov. 15 of sophomore year.  You may study away the first semester of senior year, in which case this form is due Nov. 15 of junior year.

GO House

Sign up to live in the GO House the spring semester before you study abroad. If you study abroad in the fall, arrange to live in the GO House when you get back. If you study away in the spring, arrange to live in the house the semester before you leave.

The semester before you depart

  1. Complete the online application on mySU.
  2. Complete application materials to your program after approval from the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs.
  3. Apply for a passport if necessary.
  4. Communicate with the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs. The staff will ensure that you have all documents submitted prior to studying away so credits will transfer to SU, housing will be secured upon return and financial aid will apply.
  5. Attend the mandatory meetings and workshops. 

The semester(s) after you return: 10 ways to get involved

  1. Attend re-entry orientation.
  2. Participate in the photo contest and other re-entry activities.
  3. Mentor an international student.
  4. Advise a prospective study-away student.
  5. Volunteer to share your experiences at an open house or Accepted Students Day.
  6. Participate in pre-departure orientation to prepare students before they study away.
  7. Attend a workshop to learn how to market study away experience to employers.
  8. Join a student organization with an international focus.
  9. Plan an event on campus to showcase the culture in which you studied.
  10. Apply to live in the International House or the GO House.


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