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GO Requirement: FAQ

  1. When is the best time for me to go? You can study away any time between the end of your first year until the winter break of your senior year. Many students elect to study away their second semester sophomore year or in their junior year, but these are certainly not your only options. Discuss your options with your academic advisor to determine which would be the best time for you to study away. It is important to begin researching programs of interest early as eligibility requirements vary by program.
  2. When should I apply? For summer GO Short programs, the application deadline is in the fall semester preceding the program. For winter GO Short programs, the application deadline is in the spring semester preceding the program. For semester programs, the priority application deadline is Nov. 15 the year before you go (for example, Nov. 15, 2014, is the deadline for students studying away during fall of 2015 or spring of 2016). You may still be able to apply after this deadline, but students who apply by Nov. 15 will have the greatest number of options available.
  3. How long can I study away? Programs range from two weeks to a semester. Your cross-cultural experience must be a minimum of two weeks. 
  4. Can I go to a program in a country where I do not already speak the language? Yes. Many GO Short programs will visit non-English-speaking countries, but are conducted in English by Susquehanna faculty/staff. There are also many semester programs available in non-English-speaking countries that offer classes taught in English. For example, the instruction in SU's program at the University of Macau is offered in English. We do require that students study the local language when studying in programs in non-English-speaking countries.
  5. What can count toward the requirement? A Susquehanna GO Short Program (two or more weeks, led by Susquehanna faculty/staff), a traditional semester study-away program, an internship or volunteer work in a cross-cultural setting or an independent proposal can count toward the GO requirement. You design what you want to gain from this requirement. Think about what will be the best experience for you academically, professionally and personally.
  6. How do I submit a proposal for an independent cross-cultural experience? Visit the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs  or our mySU page to obtain a form to "GO Your Own Way." Review the learning goals for the cross-cultural requirement and explain what you plan to do and how your program will help you reach these learning goals. You will also need approval from your faculty advisor.
  7. What is the reflective component? The reflective component varies with each program, but it is usually embedded in a course you take after the cross-cultural experience. Following a GO Short program, you meet with the same group from your travels. After a GO Long program or an independent project, you register for a course that satisfies the requirement. Courses might include reflection on journal entries from your trip, an academic paper, a presentation on campus or off, or even a creative work.
  8. Is financial aid available? Students are eligible for aid on a GO program if they are completing the cross-cultural requirement. Students on an approved GO Long program continue to have access to state and federal aid, as well as Susquehanna need-based and merit aid. Students participating in a GO Short program are also eligible for need-based aid, beyond the standard aid package for the academic year. Some scholarships are also available for GO Short programs.
  9. What can I do now to prepare to fulfill the requirement?
    • Begin to research programs in which you're interested
    • Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your academic goals and timeframe
    • Apply for your passport if you are interested in going abroad
    • Attend events sponsored by the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs


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