Music Technology Studios

Music Technology Studios

Piano Lab

Three levels of class piano are taught in a large piano lab in Weber Chapel. The Yamaha-based interactive lab features 12 stations.

Computer Lab

Housed in the Cunningham Center for Music and Art, the music computer lab features seven Macintosh-based stations. Each has its own midi keyboard. Supported software includes Finale, Audacity, Garageband, iMovie, iWeb, the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

Recording Studio 

Music Technology CenterLocated in the basement of Weber Chapel, the recording studio occupies three separate rooms totaling approximately 1,300 square feet. The large and acoustically isolated sound recording room contains a drum set, a grand piano, a Hammond organ with Leslie speaker and a large microphone collection. The control room features a powerful Macintosh computer with a MOTU audio interface and many electronic musical instruments, including a ZETA cello, a WX7 Wind Controller, a Korg Wave drum, a DK10 midi percussion instrument, a Korg Kaos Pad, a Moog Theremin and several keyboards.   The computer system runs Logic Audio, Audacity, Finale, Max/msp/jitter, Reason and several other popular applications.

Stretansky Concert Hall Recording Booth

Every concert produced by the Department of Music is recorded and archived. This facility offers high-quality stereo and multi-track recording capability for concerts in Stretansky Concert Hall. Student workers record the concerts, run lights and, if necessary, operate live sound reinforcement from a 24-channel Soundcraft mixer.

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