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Senior Research

Every political science major is required to take the Senior Seminar course during the senior year. In this class, students research a topic of their interest, prepare and present a paper. Over the years, students have researched a variety of topics in different subject areas of political science. Qualified students may choose to apply for departmental honors. This is achieved through the Senior Seminar class, along with additional work, which requires a public presentation of the completed research, possibly at the annual Susquehanna University Senior Scholars Day.

In the past, numerous students have presented their research at professional conferences such as annual meetings of the Mid-Atlantic Women's Association, the Pennsylvania Political Science Association and the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Social Research Conference. Recently, in the spring of 2013, six political science students presented their research at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in La Crosse, Wis.  

Below is a non-exhaustive listing of Senior Seminar projects:

2012-13 Academic Year:

  • The Impact of a Pennsylvania Trial Court's Caseload on Collateral Review Affirmance
  • Independence Referenda in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus
  • Political Value and Policy Preference: Social Identity Approach
  • Headlines and Hotheads: A Comparative Study of the Tea Party & Occupy Movements in Local Media
  • Where Are All The Women?: A Study of the Variation in the Proportion of Women in State Legislatures

2011-12 Academic Year: 

  • The Effects of Public Financing on the Incumbency Advantage
  • The Man, The President, The Legacy
  • The Arab Spring and Rentier State Theory: Is there a New Leaf Growing on the Rentier Tree?
  • The Bush Doctrine: Favorability in the United States & Middle East
  • How Facebook Mobilized Voters in the 2008 Presidential Election
  • The Political Influence of the Affluent

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