Center for Environmental Education and Research (CEER)

CEERThe Center for Environmental Education and Research (CEER) is a multipurpose education and research center with emphasis on short-term and long-term agroecology and early successional applications. The CEER is conveniently located immediately west of campus on Sasafrass Street and is an easy five-minute walk from campus. Used primarily by the Department of Biology, the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and ecology majors, it is open to the entire university community.

Previously used as a dairy farm and locally referred to as “Yoder Farm,” the 87-acre property was acquired by the university in 2006; it has been used as a field site since 2007.


Facilities and Equipment 

  • One large two-room greenhouse with computer-controlled climate (with restroom and running water)
  • Insect housing and skeleton preparation room
  • Field processing lab
  • Hydrology demonstration area
  • Large community-supported organic vegetable garden
  • Research garden spaces
  • Six-hectare long-term ecological succession field plots
  • Small utility vehicle, storage of boats, trailers, and field truck
  • Composting area
  • Weather station

 Site Features

  • Early successional old-field habitat
  • Intermittent stream
  • Hedgerows
  • No-till alfalfa and cornfields

 Sample of Research and Educational Uses

  • Long-term small mammal population surveys
  • Extrafloral nectary studies in lima beans
  • Agroecological studies (contrast no-till and conventional tillage effects on arthropod communities)
  • Laboratory demonstrations of ground-penetrating radar
  • Plant biodiversity studies
  • Weather stations for meteorological measurements and air sampling
  • Population and behavioral studies of ground spiders
  • Dog urine-marking studies

Other Uses

  • Community gardening/service learning projects
  • At least nine formal classes use the facility annually for laboratory exercises and open-ended small-scale research


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