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GO Short: Asia

The Chinese Scholar

The Chinese ScholarThe traditional Chinese scholar has been defined as a student and practitioner of Siyi, the four arts of painting, calligraphy, music and chess. Inspired by the Siyi practice, this seminar presents China in a multi-disciplinary approach combining calligraphy, photography, music and tai chi. This trip frames a cultural exploration of contemporary Chinese arts (Beijing and Shanghai) and tribal culture (Hunan), revealing the Chinese commitment to cultural connection spanning over five thousand years.

Next time offered: To be decided

PLUS (Philippines: Learning, Understanding and Service)

PLUS is a service-learning trip to the Philippines. The program includes educational, service and recreational components, all oriented around cultural immersion in the Philippines.

Next time offered: Summer 2015

A Window to Japan

Experience a 10-day chamber music residency alongside Japanese students at Niigata University. Students will have ample time to interact and connect with their fellow chamber musicians to learn about life in Japan. The end of the residency culminates in a chamber ensemble recital, and is followed by six days of travel to explore Japan’s culture and history.

Next time offered: Summer 2015

Sherpa Life & CultureSherpa Life and Culture

This GO Short program will focus on the cultural, geographical and physiological aspects of the life of the Sherpa people in the mountain kingdom of Nepal while providing a challenging physical experience that in itself will be life-defining for the participants.

Next time offered: December 2015 - January 2016

GO Tokyo

The GO Tokyo program provides students with experiences to various aspects of Japanese culture, society, education and history. The program also provides students with experiences to interact with their Japanese peers to gain a better understanding of their own culture and the cultural similarities and cultural differences they share with others. Students will be introduced to some common Japanese phrases for everyday life in order to facilitate interaction with their Japanese peers. The activities of the program will take place in Tokyo, which is a historical and modern city, and Senshu University, which is the second oldest private university in Japan.

Next time offered: Summer 2015



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