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GO Short: Europe

The Arts of Italy

The Arts of ItalyEngage in the rich history and culture of Northern Italy. Attend lessons and rehearsals at the Scuola Comunale di Musica a “G. Sarti” in Faenza. Experience Italian cuisine both in restaurants and with families during homestays. View architectural treasures of the Byzantine empire, and explore towns in Tuscany and Emilia-Romangna. 
Next time offered: Summer 2016

GO Austria: National History, Global Responsibilities

GO AustriaVisit cathedrals, catacombs, a medieval fortress and an ancient salt mine in Salzburg. Consider the modern-day impact of the Nazi past by talking with local college and high school students. Attend a Mozart concert, an opera, or a play. Contrast Salzburg with the Austrian capital, Vienna.
Next time offered: May 11-31, 2015

GO Cyprus: A Table Divided 

GO Cyprus is a two-week summer program centered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Students are immersed in Cyprus’ rich history and explore the political division between the Turkish-Cypriot Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek-Cypriot Republic of Cyprus, and how those identities are often reflected in the foods people eat. Students participate in a cooking class designed to compare and contrast the differing cultures of Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus.
Next time offered: Summer 2015

British Law and Culture

British Law and CultureExamine the British legal system within the context of the UK and the EU. Study different cultures within the UK and the effect of law enforcement practices on these different cultures. Explore a small Scottish college town and learn about the legal and cultural aspects of sports in the UK.
Next time offered: To be decided

Peace, Youth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

Work with the youth of Northern Ireland to building foundations for peace in an area traumatized by a recently violent past. Community development organizations partner with Susquehanna students to perform service work in cross-community settings. Participants meet with local politicians, ex-members of the IRA and UDA, as well as peace activists to learn more about imperialism's legacy.
Next time offered: Summer 2015

Spanish Language & CultureSpanish Language & Culture

Students spend three and a half weeks in an intensive Spanish language environment learning about life and culture in Seville, Spain. Students take a Spanish course at any level while staying with host families and documenting their experiences in both a written and photo journal. In addition, they take two excursions as planned by Spanish Studies Abroad to Cordoba and Palos de la Frontera. Students who complete Spanish 101/102 or 103/104 can complete the Susquehanna language requirement on this program; other students may wish to begin their language requirement with Spanish 101 in Spain and finish with 102 and 201 at Susquehanna.
Next time offered: Summer 2015

GO Denmark and Sweden: Modern Medicine in the Land of the Vikings

In this two-week, biannual program, students travel to both Denmark and Sweden and explore the culture of modern day medicine and health care and how it compares to the United States. Students gain a understanding of the cultural roots of Denmark and Sweden, which both can be traced back to the Vikings. By comparing the differences in the medical care in these two similar landscapes as well as comparing it to the United States’ medicine and health care systems, students will see how the culture of medicine influences a society. 
Next time offered: To be decided

GO VillandrautGO Villandraut

Spend two weeks working on the restoration site of a medieval castle in Villandraut, a village 30 km SE of Bordeaux in France. Learn the ancient art of stone-cutting, work on an archeological dig, and assist with general maintenance of the chateau site while gaining language skills in French. Explore Paris and Bordeaux, and visit several medieval landmarks.
Next time offered: Summer 2016

Greek Culture: Ancient and Modern

Experience Greek culture, past and present, while traveling mostly in Crete and Athens. Examine notions of global citizenship and culture.  Learn about the production of olive oil, honey, cheese, wine and ceramics.  Enjoy Greek cuisine and cooking lessons. Explore Greek music and dancing. Begin to practice modern Greek language.  Spend the day in the ancient agora just like Socrates!.
Next time offered: Summer 2015

Theatre and History (Czech Republic)GO Prague

Experience the collision of art and life in Eastern Europe. Work directly with professional artists and community NGOs in Prague and Brno, the Czech Republic’s premier cities. Compare the medieval history of Český Krumlov with the modern pop culture of a dynamic EU nation. Unravel Prague’s historical legacies, from the Holy Roman Empire, to the Holocaust, to the Velvet Revolution. Examine the architecture and design that stimulates post-Communist life in these unique settings.Next time offered: Summer 2015

The Golden Ring of Russia: Ecology and CultureThe Golden Ring of Russia: Ecology and Culture

Students spend three weeks gaining field experience in the ancient “Golden Ring” region of Russia, an area that has endured significant human impact for more than 1,000 years and is now going through major social, economic and political changes. The main focus is on the ecology of the region as it relates to geomorphology, land usage and Russian culture. A major portion of the course will include an introduction to the Russian language together with cultural experiences in the Yaroslavl’ region and Moscow.
Next time offered: To be determined

French Language & CultureFrench Language & Culture

Nothing can compare to the beauty of the French countryside in the summer. Experience "joie de vie" by fully immersing yourself in Aix-en-Provence. From living with a French family to attending local concerts to eating regional cuisine, allow yourself to get lost in France while gaining valuable language skills and earning course credit.
Nest time offered: Summer 2015

GO WittenbergGO Wittenberg

Take a trip back in time and discover the connections between politics and religion and examine the impact they had in shaping Germany's history.  Visit sites that impacted three influential periods of Germany's past, explore the rich culture of Germany and maybe even learn a little "survival German."
Next time offered: To be decided

Music Education in SpainMusic Education in Spain

This trip offers students not only a chance to further their musical abilities at the Escuela de Musica y Danza in Les Rozas de Madrid, but the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Spanish culture through exploration of Spain’s awe inspiring capital of Madrid and other cities like Toledo and Segovia. On this trip you are encouraged to tutor young musicians, tour ancient cathedrals, perform in a concert with your classmates, and visit the palaces of the Spanish monarchy. The options are boundless.
Next time offered: To be determined

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