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British Law and Culture

British Law & CultureExamine the British legal system within the context of the United Kingdom and the EU.  Study different cultures within the U.K. and the effect of law enforcement practices on these different cultures. Explore a small Scottish college town and learn about the legal and cultural aspects of sports in the U.K..

Locations:  London, England; Cambridge, England; St. Andrews, Scotland; Edinburgh, Scotland 

Dates: To be decided

Prerequisite: Readings and research as assigned by the program directors.

Academic credit: Two semester hours; this program and accompanying course satisfy the GO requirement.

Majors of interest: Open to all majors, but especially legal studies, international studies

Application: Online application available on MySU.

Financial aid: Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement.

Program directors: Rick Davis, M.Tax., J.D., professor of accounting; Tom Rambo, M.S.. assistant vice president for student life and director of public safety



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