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Exploration and Understanding of the Navajo Nation

Immerse yourself in Navajo culture in the southwest United States. This program will focus on cultural and historic traditions of GO Navajo Nationthe Navajo community, as well as gaining insight into the reality of contemporary life on the reservation. This region in the United States offers the perfect opportunity to explore and experience the unique landscape of the desert. There is ample opportunity to engage with this rural setting through hikes, camping, visiting sheep camps and participating in running camps or community fun runs.

Service projects may include (depending on the needs of the community):

  • Working with area running clubs/camps to promote health and exercise. Running, an important aspect of Navajo culture and traditions, has been used as a way to pray and as a spiritual experience (often playing an important role in many traditional ceremonies)
  • Working with the local food bank to sort and pack food as well as working on community garden projects
  • Assisting community members with home repairs and maintenance
  • Performing community clean-ups/litter pick up

Location: Students will stay in hotels, hostels and camp in tents at the Navajo Nation in Tuba City, Ariz. Field trips may include the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

Dates: June 5 -21, 2015

Prerequisite: Interest in the Navajo Nation, service learning, camping, hiking and outdoor activities. A positive attitude towards experiencing rural and rugged areas with modest accommodations.

Academic credit: Two semester hours; this program and accompanying course satisfy the GO requirement.

Majors of interest: Open to all majors but of particular interest to students studying education, sociology, anthropology, communications, history, diversity studies, political science, and environmental science. Students interested in physical fitness, running, camping, hiking, and gardening may also enjoy this program.

Application: Online application available on mySU.

Cost: $3,550; includes transportation, accomodation, activities and meals

Financial aid: Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement.

Program director: Michaeline Shuman, assistant provost of post-graduate outcomes and director of the career development center

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