Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Kenzie D'Angelo

Kenzie D'Angelo '13

Voorhees, N.J. | Eastern Regional High School

Major: Biology

Minor: Health Care Studies

Clubs/activities: Track and Field, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society, Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Post-graduation plans: Medical School

The most exciting thing about studying Biology at Susquehanna:
The new science building is definitely the most exciting aspect of studying biology at Susquehanna. The amount of space available for lab is amazing, and the department provides us with the tools for effective research. I now have experience with several different machines, including an NMR instrument. I am so thankful that Susquehanna built the new science building and supplied a wonderful learning environment for future students and myself.

Favorite class:
One of my favorite classes so far was Cell and Organismal Biology. This course explored how our bodies work and how each system allows our body to function. In the future I would love to research the different systems of the body, especially how cancer forms and how to treat it. I was amazed at the number of problems that can occur within an organism, and I’m looking forward to studying the ways to prevent or cure these problems.

Kailey Roberts ’13 

Mountain Top, Pa. | Crestwood High School 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Health Care Studies

Clubs/activities: Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, Varsity Swimming & Diving, Beta Beta Beta honor society   

Post-graduation plans: Attend a physician assistant school, specializing in pediatrics    

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
All the professors in the biology department are amazing, but I would have to say I have made the most meaningful connection with Dr. Reichard-Brown. Ever since my freshmen year Perspectives class, she has really made herself available for whatever I needed. It is really comforting to know I have a professor who is genuinely invested in my academic and personal success.  

The most exciting thing about studying biology at Susquehanna:
The most exciting thing about studying biology at SU has been having the opportunity to use equipment that most students do not get the opportunity to use at the undergraduate level. The experiments I perform in lab really help solidify the information taught in class, and give me the chance to conduct research in a truly productive way. 

Avanti Banks ’15  

East Stroudsburg, Pa. | Stroudsburg High School  

Major: Biology  

Minor: Spanish  

Clubs/activities: Varsity Swimming & Diving  

Post-graduation plans: Graduate school for physical therapy    

The most exciting thing about studying biology at Susquehanna:
I think the most exciting thing about studying biology is having the opportunity to do research with upperclassmen for their capstone research. During our research, we dissected minks and tested tissue for hints of mercury and other substances. I thought this experience was so surreal because I was able to complete hands-on work and not just sit at a desk looking through a microscope.  

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest challenge has been balancing swimming and school work. During the swim season, I had practice for two and a half hours a day, six days a week. After the grueling practices I would usually have to stay up late at night to complete all of my work and I was almost always tired. Having a positive attitude and staying focused have helped me to get through this first season, and winning the Landmark Conference this season was just icing on the cake.

Taylor Kolmer ’15

Churchville, N.Y. | Churchville-Chili Senior High School

Major: Biology

Minor: Health Care Studies

Clubs/Activities: Varsity Football, Catholic Campus Ministries, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society for first-year students

Post-graduation plans: Medical school

Favorite class:
Cell and Organismal Biology. I knew I was interested in biology and this class really confirmed that for me. I love learning about the different mechanisms and inter-workings of the cells. The lab portion of Cell and Organismal is awesome too because I can see the reactions happening in front of me and it helps to solidify the information I learned in lecture.

The most exciting thing about studying biology at Susquehanna:
The professors and the facilities. The brand new science building is amazing and has everything I could ever need for biology. It is also a welcoming, comfortable environment which makes it easy to spend a lot of time there. The professors are great and really work hard to help you if you make the effort. They put you in the best position to succeed. 

Why I chose to study biology:
I chose to study biology because it really interested me in high school. I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field and I thought that biology would give me the most information and experience to ready me for medical school. I knew that it was going to be between biology and chemistry and biology is much more inviting to me.

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