Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Elaine AndersonElaine Anderson '14

Westfield, N.J. 

Major: Psychology

Minors: Health Care Studies, Spanish

Clubs/activities:  Admissions tour guide, research assistant, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta

Post-graduation plans: Attend graduate school for occupational therapy

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
The most meaningful connection I have made has been with Dr. Asmuth. I first met her when I was in her Research Methods class as a sophomore. I became her research assistant following that class. Dr. Asmuth is also my advisor and has been a huge help with my scheduling. I also worked as her student advisor and have assisted her with her new advisees.

I have worked with Dr. Asmuth for two semesters on a research project about how four- and five-year-olds understand numbers. I was very excited when the opportunity to participate in this project presented itself because it is something that I never imagined doing as an undergraduate. I have been able to see a whole different side to psychology—I have enjoyed learning everything that is involved in the research process!

Internship experience:
For my health care studies minor, I must complete two 40-hour internships. Last summer I interned at a rehabilitation center and shadowed an occupational therapist. It was a very beneficial experience for me to see an occupational therapist work with patients. I discovered that the profession has a lot of appeal to me. I want to work with people and being able to help them is a very rewarding feeling.

On the internship, I was able to learn through observation and by being able to talk to the therapist. I was able to ask the therapist questions about the field and get valuable information I would not have been able to find anywhere else. For example, I was able to hear from the therapist what they enjoy most about the job and what they like least. The internship was really a very positive experience.

Umar CashUmar Cash '13

Milton, Pa. 

Major: Psychology

Minors: Biology

Clubs/activities: Honors Program; Phi Beta Sigma social chair, risk management chair and social networking chair; Student Government Association senator and Class of 2013 treasurer; Pre-Law Society peer mentor; Honors Program peer mentor; Welcome Week Planning Committee's Orientation team leader; Welcome Week Planning Committee's Summer Crew leader

Post-Graduation Plans: Law school   

Favorite class:
Introduction to Counseling with Dr. Michael Smith. I'm greatly interested in abnormal and clinical psychology and this class allowed me the opportunity to dive deeper into the various models used for therapy. It gave me a new understanding of various concepts.

The class is extremely student-oriented in that Dr. Smith makes a point to cover in greater depth that which the students want to learn. I can easily say that I've learned the greatest amount and the most helpful information from this class.

Research experience:
For my senior research project, the topic that we've constructed is meant to determine a/the connection between personality traits and recovery from sports injuries. The research process itself has provided me copious amounts of experience with researching, writing and data analysis. These skills will undoubtedly have future benefits for me, as I plan to go to law school, where I will be able to apply those skills in new situations.

Jared SmithJared Smith '14

Lewisburg, Pa.

Majors: Psychology, Spanish

Minor: Health Care Studies

Clubs/activities: Ribbon of Love, TKE

Post-graduation plans: Attending medical school and pursue a specialty in pediatrics

Favorite class:
The study of psychology in and of itself is exciting. I love getting a look at the inner workings of the human mind. It's such an interesting field of study. My favorite psych class so far has been Abnormal Psychology. Because of my interest in the medical side of psychology, Abnormal Psychology gave me a really good look into the various psychological disorders that affect people.

Internship experience:
While I was studying abroad in Spain, I took an internship working with a pediatrician there. I had an incredible opportunity to learn my way around the medical system in Spain while gaining helpful knowledge and useful Spanish vocabulary.

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