Student Profiles

Student Profiles


Jasmia JarrettJasmia Jarrett ‘15

Fairless Hills, Pa. | Pennsbury High School
Majors: Sociology, Psychology
Minor: Speech communications

Clubs/activities: Gospel Choir, Girls on the Run, International Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Multicultural Service co-coordinator

Post-graduation plans: Being a Christian counselor specializing in counseling adolescent females

Favorite class:
Social Problems is my favorite class because we don't just learn about the social problems but how social problems are constructed, looking into different ideologies and beliefs that shape these problems. The class is very interactive, and even though it’s at 8:20 a.m., my classmates and Dr. Henne-Ochoa always make it interesting.

Biggest academic challenge:
The end of my Spring 2013 semester challenged me with huge workloads. I had two 15-page papers, one six-page paper, three group projects, one presentation, and many tests, all in two weeks at one point during the semester. It was difficult to learn how to manage my time effectively, but I learned that I have to say “no” to hanging out with friends sometimes. But that still means I can say “yes” to a fun, laugh-filled break when I need it. I just have to remember that I’m studying what I love and that it’s worth it.

Brianna AmosBrianna Amos ‘15

Norristown, Pa. | Norristown Area High School
Major: Anthropology

Clubs/activities: Black Student Union president, SU: Step Team AZA president, Diversity Council representative

Post-graduation plans: Joining the Peace Corps before going to graduate school and begin an independent research ethnography—a field study on the American public school system—and investigate the issues and search for solutions for improvement 

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
I think all the professors in the sociology and anthropology professor are wonder and there always there to help you. I guess the most meaningful connection I have made is with my academic adviser Dr. Jacobson because she sets her standards high and she expects nothing less than flawless work from her students. She taught my Introduction to Anthropology class, and this was the class that made fall in love with the major. Her teaching pushed me to think outside of the box, and I feel like I learned so much from her.

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest academic challenge to date has been going through my anthropology classes. The anthropology courses require a lot time and critical thinking on a daily basis, as do many majors here at Susquehanna. But being able to handle the work load and perform well has built my confidence in the field of anthropology and allows me think that I can someday become a published ethnographer.

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