Student Profiles

Student Profiles


Andrew PogarAndrew Pogar ’12

Scarborough, Maine | Scarborough High School
Major: Communications (Broadcasting emphasis)
Minor: Business Administration

Clubs/activities: WQSU-FM, Susquehanna University Television Club, National Broadcasting Society, Theta Chi fraternity 

Post-graduation plans: Attend graduate school to further my ambition of being a sports broadcaster

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Over the past three years I’ve developed a close relationship with Professor Larry Augustine. Initially, he was my public speaking instructor my freshman year, and now we converse on a daily basis. Professor Augustine has played a critical role in preparing me for an internship this summer.

The most exciting thing about studying communications at Susquehanna:
Susquehanna University strives to have an effective professor-student relationship. The fact that you have a voice at your institution and are not just a number makes studying communications here at Susquehanna a very exciting experience.


Gabriele KeizerGabriele Keizer ’13

Pittstown, N.J. | Delaware Valley Regional High School
Majors: Communications with a Journalism emphasis, Political Science

Clubs/Activities: Managing editor of design for The Crusader, Women's Rugby Club match secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honorary society, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, O-Team leader

Post-graduation plans: Start out in a small local paper or a website that focuses on local news and then branch out from there and see where my life takes me

The most exciting thing about studying communications at Susquehanna:
Being a journalist allows me to ask questions that a normal person may never have the courage or opportunity to ask. I like being able to find that inside scoop, to know how and why something came together the way it did. There’s so much to do within the field of journalism, it has been hard for me to narrow down what I want to do because sometimes I want to do it all. I feel I can do anything I really want to do with this degree. That confidence to achieve I attribute to the type of education I receive as a Susquehanna student.

Biggest academic challenge:
Being a double major. I like to think of my majors as a chocolate-covered pretzel, journalism as the chocolate, and political science as the pretzel. I say this because separately they are two very different flavors—journalism is the sweet, interesting and comforting flavor of chocolate and political science as the hard-hitting, salty and crunchy essence of a pretzel. Both are delicious and enjoyable on their own but together they make a completely new flavor. Finding that middle ground where both of these studies can come together has challenged me, but I think finding that balance between my majors is something that has taught me time management and people skills. 

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