Success after Susquehanna

Careers after SU

The opportunities for growth and leadership offered to English majors at Susquehanna have consistently prepared our students for a wide array of careers. As a result, our majors routinely have a high success rate after graduation. Our alumni have excelled in careers in publishing, law, academics, ministry, education, business and even banking.

Employed in places as diverse as the Nasdaq Stock Market, Boeing, Educational Testing Services, and prestigious law firms, our graduates look back to their years at Susquehanna as foundational for their careers.

  • PA House of Representatives, Director of Special Projects—Michael Miller
  • American Management Association—Editorial Assistant Writer—Holly Sivec
  • Proconex Engineering—Allison Caccese
  • Nasdaq Stock Market, Associate Director—Margaret Wolf
  • Boeing Company, Senior Strategist—Timothy Mooney
  • Houghton Mifflin—Production Manager—Lisa Corsetti
  • AT&T Communications—Lauren Brown
  • The New York Daily News—Richard Meserole
  • USAir, Flight Attendant—Alessandra Chango
  • U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps, Counselor—Katherine Meola
  • United Behavioral Health, Care Advocate—Rebecca Campman
  • Cuban Research Institute, Coordinator—Alma DeRojas
  • Eagle Tribune Publishing—Ann Surrette
  • University of Minnesota, Librarian—Kathleen Fouty
  • University of Michigan, Director of Communications—Judith Malcolm
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers Foundation—Sandra Wachter
  • Federal Reserve Board, Assistant Chief Librarian—Catherine Tunis
  • McGraw-Hill Foundation, Senior Production Supervisor—Suzanne Rapcavage
  • Educational Testing Service—Jennine Jaworski
  • Thrivent Financial—Richard Reichard
  • Danville Area School District—Matthew Bloom
  • The Vanguard Group, Executive Assistant—Karen Clemens
  • Parke Davis—Carolyn Minguez
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation—Barbara Davis
  • Harvard University—Penny Gustafson
  • New York City Board of Education—Laura Hanrahan
  • First Baptist Church, Pastor—Stephanie Salinas
  • Willingboro Board of Education-Librarian-Muriel Betten
  • Business Solutions International-John Steiger
  • Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault LLP-Attorney-Brian Pezza
  • Congressional Info. Services-Editor-Catherine Mesick
  • The Washington Times - Assistant Foreign Editor - Thomas Carter

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