Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Jacklyn FisherJacklyn Fisher '12

Quinton, N.J. | Salem High School

Major: German, International Studies (European Studies)

Clubs/activities: Welcome Week Planning Committee member, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, University tour guide, Summer Preview leader

Post-graduation plans: Graduate school and obtaining teaching certification

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
I really connect with Professor Susan Schürer. I met her on my first visit to Susquehanna and have arranged my schedule so that I could take German and Writing & Thinking with her. It’s great that she is also helping me and some other students start a chapter of Pennies for Peace.

Biggest academic challenge:
Deciding to major in a language I never studied. I have always wanted to study German to get in touch with my heritage. I love the language and culture. Studying German is going to be a huge benefit to me in the future when I’m applying for jobs.


Martha MoncadaMartha Moncada '12

Tegucigalpa, Honduras | West Perry High School

Major: International Studies (Comparative Cultural Studies emphasis)

Minors: Speech Communications, French

Clubs/activities:  Residence Life head resident, Club Volleyball president, SU International, French Club, Italian Club, Gospel Choir, TRAX employee, Italian tutor

Post-graduation plans: Graduate school or employment  

Most exciting thing about studying modern languages at Susquehanna:
I just love learning languages. I enjoy reading books in French and catching myself understanding everything I am reading, and I love Italian because of its similarities with Spanish, my first language.  

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest academic challenge occurred not in the classes for my major or minor, but in the Central Curriculum class. I was dreading the math requirement because I am not good in math at all. What I learned, though, after passing the class with a better grade than I expected, is that if you go into something thinking “I can do this:  I studied, I prepared, I am simply going to do the best I can,” instead of stressing over it, then you usually do pretty well.


Bobby RiesBobby Ries ’13

Cherry Hill, N.J. | Cherry Hill High School West

Majors: Finance, Spanish

Minor: Honors Program

Clubs/activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Investment Club, Relay for Life, Admissions Office student assistant, Alpha Lambda Delta  first-year honor society

Post-graduation plans: To secure a financial analyst position at an international company, and obtain the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) credential

Most exciting thing about studying modern languages at Susquehanna:
I enjoy the modern language community that extends outside of the classroom. I eat lunch on Thursdays with the Modern Language Fellows, and I have formed great friendships through this experience.

My GO experience:
Last May, I went to Peru with Dr. Bussard and Dean Jackson through the GO Short program. During my time in Peru, I improved my Spanish skills and helped members of less fortunate communities. The trip made me take a step back from my life and reevaluate what is important. I'm planning to study in Alicante, Spain, next fall, and I'm hoping to learn more about other cultures during my time there.


Kristin BergerKristin Berger ’13

Lewisburg, Pa. | Lewisburg Area High School

Major: Biology 

Minors: Spanish

Clubs/activities: Honors Program, Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness, Susquehanna Women’s Track and Field, Student Conduct Board 

Post-graduation plans: Graduate School

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Every interaction I’ve had with Susquehanna faculty members has been positive. Dr. Martin, of the Spanish department, was my professor during the first semester of my freshman year. Although I was worried about continuing Spanish at the college level, Dr. Martin was supportive and encouraging. She reminded me why I love the language so much.

Most exciting thing about studying Spanish at Susquehanna:
Learning any language is a wonderful experience, but I have always felt the most drawn to Spanish. The ability to speak a second language provides you with many new opportunities and opens the doors of communication to so many more people.

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