Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Tyler ShieldsTyler Shields '15

St. Marys, Pa. | St. Marys Area High School
Major: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Minor: Chemistry

Clubs/activities: Class vice president—freshmen and sophomore years, Student Government Association president, Welcome Week Planning Committee member, Fall Move-in and Opening sub-committee, Phi Mu Delta fraternity, Alpha Lambda Delta honor society for first-year students, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Environmental Science honor society, University scholar, 2012 Orientation Team leader, University tour guide

Post-graduation plans: Pursue my master’s degree in hydrogeology or geochemistry

Favorite class:
My favorite classes at Susquehanna have been soil science and geology. I enjoy these classes because I am intrigued by geology and always want to have a better understand of earth. Soil science uses knowledge learned in geology and applies it to situations that could occur for a career in earth sciences.

Most exciting thing about studying earth and environmental sciences at Susquehanna:
The most exciting thing about studying environmental sciences is the hands-on experience. Connection with faculty is one of the best parts of being a student at Susquehanna. The faculty don’t just lecture you. They aim to transfer the learning experience to the field where real-world techniques can be developed. These hands-on experiences are where many connections are made among students and faculty, and where skills that will be necessary for success in a career in the earth sciences will be learned and developed.

Becky NeubauerBecky Neubauer '15

South Brunswick, N.J. | South Brunswick High School
Major: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Minors: Ecology and Sociology

Clubs/activities: SAVE, Alpha Lamda Delta, charity: water

Post-graduation plans: Peace Corps and work on environmental projects, or become a Fulbright Scholar and conduct research in New Zealand

Favorite class:
I really enjoyed Introduction to Meteorology with Dr. Straub. It was a pleasant surprise because it is an 8:30 a.m. class on a subject I had never really learned about before. However, Dr. Straub makes the class fun and it is really interesting to learn about and understand the different factors that cause our weather to be the way it is.

Research experience:
Performing undergraduate research was a valuable experience that helped me learn to work independently and go outside of my comfort zone academically. I worked with Dr. Elick, who I had developed a personal relationship with in class, on a project where we created a large, scaled model of the subsurface of Centralia, Pa. This was a particularly interesting area to model because there has been an underground coal fire burning there for 50 years. It was great to collaborate with a faculty member on a project where I was treated as a peer and entrusted with a significant project. I was also able to learn how to use equipment such as a rock saw, which will be valuable in my career. The most fun part was actually setting the model on fire to observe how the subsurface fire presented at the surface.

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