Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Julianne VegaJulianne Vega ’12

Reading, Pa. | Exeter Township Senior High
Major: Mathematics-Secondary Education
Minor: Computer Science

Clubs/activities: Math Club, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society, Kappa Delta Pi education honor society, Kappa Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society, Presidential Fellow, Math Tutor, Supplemental Instructor

Post-graduation plans: Teaching mathematics at the middle or high school level

Most exciting thing about studying mathematics at Susquehanna:
The most exciting thing about mathematics is the professors. Every day when I go to class I know that I will be learning something interesting, but I also know that the professors are also going to make it very entertaining. I love being part of the social interactions that take place during every math class.

Biggest academic challenge:
My biggest academic challenge is scheduling for a new semester. There are always so many classes that I want to take and not nearly enough room in my schedule to take them all. Scheduling is always a difficult process, but a process I find exciting as I’m looking forward to new classes and new subject matter taught by great faculty.


Ethan SentzEthan Sentz ’13

New Oxford, Pa. | New Oxford High School
Major: Mathematics-Secondary Education

Clubs/activities: Resident Assistant, Trax Staff, Phi Mu Delta fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi education honor society, Kappa Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society, Math Club, Math tutor

Post-graduation plans: Become a full-time teacher and pursue my master’s as a part-time graduate student

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
I have had several classes with Dr. Lo, and in every class his passion for mathematics and his students' learning experience is evident. He understands the difficulty of the subjects that he teaches and is always open to meet with students outside of his office hours to ensure the information is being understood. Dr. Lo has helped me many times not because he has to but because it is important to him that his students not only learn the material, but understand it.

Most exciting thing about studying mathematics at Susquehanna:
Learning new things! I have learned and experienced a variety of different mathematics courses and subjects, most of which I had never thought about or even heard of. Trying to understand new concepts that we were never exposed to before makes studying mathematics in general very difficult, but Susquehanna's small class sizes and available professors make the experience exciting.


Chris HowardChris Howard ’13

Columbia, Md. | Atholton High School
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

Clubs/activities: Ultimate Frisbee, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, GeoClub, Circle K

Post-graduation plans: Get a job in the computer science industry and then I may go on to graduate school depending on the requirements of the job

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Dr. Kubota has taught most of my computer science classes to date, so I have gotten to know him well. Dr. Kubota has also taken me and a few other students to the ACM programming contest to compete against teams across the country in challenging computer science problems. I also work for Dr. Lo, my advisor, as a research assistant for his research on anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery.

Most exciting thing about studying mathematics at Susquehanna:
The small class sizes and strong personal relationships you can develop with your professors are the most exciting thing about math and computer science courses at Susquehanna. You can really get a lot of one-on-one help in these classes.


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