Student Profiles

Student Profiles

TyAnne Martz ’12

TyAnne Martz

Williamsport, Pa. | Loyalsock Township High School
Majors: Psychology, Religious Studies

Clubs/activities: Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, co-coordinator and writing assistant tutor at the Center for Academic Achievement, Counseling Center peer educator, Freshman Orientation leader, Student Activities Committee

Post-graduation plans: Attend graduate school to receive a doctorate in clinical psychology, hoping one day to have my own private practice and eventually teach at the college level

Favorite class:
Thus far, my favorite class has been my Science and Religion course. It is one of the most challenging classes I have ever taken, pushing me academically in a field that I am unfamiliar with. Dr. Martin never gives a clear-cut answer and always leaves me inquiring further on my own. To be in a class examining conflicting views has been a real eye-opening experience, and I truly enjoy trying to create an environment in which both science and religion can coexist cooperatively.

Meaningful connection with faculty member:
Many religion professors have made an effort to personally involve themselves in my life. I have attended in-home Bible studies with Dr. Martin and Dr. Bohmbach, creating a deeper relationship with them on and off campus. Also, in preparation for an upcoming Philippines service trip, five other students and I go to Dr. Mann’s house every Sunday for a lesson and authentic Filipino food. As a small class, we have all developed a special bond with Dr. Mann that will most likely only deepen on the trip.

Kelsey Fitting ’13

Kelsey Fitting

Lebanon, Pa. | Cedar Crest High School
Majors: Religious Studies, Psychology

Clubs/activities: Lutheran Student Movement, Tuesday Night Watch, Handbell Choir, Pre-Seminary, Religious Life Council, Symphonic Band, Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternity for women, Alpha Lambda Delta first-year honor society, Deacon of Worship

Post-graduation plans: Attend seminary to become a pastor

Favorite class:
My favorite class that I have taken so far is Biblical Ethics. It was the first religion class I took at SU, and it had me hooked from the beginning. The class made me evaluate important world issues in conjunction with scripture and think about how we might apply those values now. Because of all the different global issues we spent studying in class, I left each class wanting to change the world.

Most exciting thing about studying religion at Susquehanna:
One of the most exciting things about studying philosophy and religion at Susquehanna is having professors who are deeply passionate about the subjects they are teaching. My classes challenge me to constantly re-evaluate the way I think and how I perceive the world and my own ideals. I am learning how to think in a more complex way because the professors push me to do so. It is challenging but very rewarding.

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